What is interspecies communication?

Interspecies communication is a method to speak with all kind of animals, from an intuitive and creative perspective. The purpose is to help the person, to reach a deeper comprehension and needed informations of his companion. As to give a new place to the animal who will be heard with his own answers.

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Spiritual Retreat

YOU and your DOG, together, experimenting a special inner connection, a new understanding of both of you, in pure nature.


I can provide my service in English, Spanish and French.

The distance is not a problem

My service can be done remotly. You can contact me easily. The communication will be as efficient, just being at home or in person.

A complete session

I offer a very complete point of view. With practical answers, to solve problems. And an holistic perspective, to give the magic of life a chance to express itself.


Our dog Tobi use to be very nervous when Ivo (our daughter’s dog) wasn’t around. Desperately we contacted Amania and she was able to understand the problem of Tobi really fast. We then acommadated ¬†things differently¬†according to her advices.¬†

Now Tobi is calmer, he sleeps well when Ivo is not around and he no longer needs medication. It’s incredible how he changed his behaviour in relation to Ivo. He is more affectionate and receptive, takes orders and walks loose without leaving. We are really happy with the work of Amania and would recommend her.

Clary, Pedro & Tobi

Santa Domingo, Costa Rica