What is interspecies communication?

Interspecies communication is a method of talking with other species and animal in particular. The main tool used is telepathy, which is an exchange of information between you and your pet. For me, this intuitive perception passes through my body (physical sensations, feelings, intuition) as well as my mind (visions, images, words). 

So at last, the boundary between our species collapses. Once again, the world of animal communication is opening up to us. The goal is to help the person in need to achieve more details and a deeper understanding of their animal, on all kinds of subjects. Animal communication provides very concrete solutions, and the results are often quick and notorious.

About me

Yes, I talk to animals!

Does that raise any questions? Does it make you want to? Who hasn’t imagined talking to a bird or a cat?

How did I get here? First of all, through artistic creation. Since my childhood I have had the pleasure of creating with my hands and it continued until it became
my profession. So, I entered the Beaux-Arts de Paris, then the Academia di Belli Arti di Venezia. Art and travel have become my two passions.

fall in love with my Services

Spiritual Retreat

YOU and your DOG, together, experimenting a special inner connection, a new understanding of both of you, in pure nature.


I can provide my service in English, Spanish and French.

The distance is not a problem

My service can be done remotly. You can contact me easily. The communication will be as efficient, just being at home or in person.

A complete session

I offer a very complete point of view. With practical answers, to solve problems. And an holistic perspective, to give the magic of life a chance to express itself.